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Post  GunSm0k33 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:32 am

Copied From:

1.The default settings specified in these rules can be changed, but only if an option is available in the challenge. The staff will support no other agreements, (i.e. verbal, AIM, email). So unless specified otherwise in the match details, these default rules will be followed.

◦The following settings apply to all GameBattles matches, regardless of the Game Mode.

■Spectating: Disabled (Does not apply for Search and Destroy). Spectating is to be Enabled when a Staff Member is present to spectate the match.

■Friendly Fire: Enabled
■Forced Respawns: Enabled
■Wave Spawn Delay: None
■ReSpawn Delay: None (Does not apply to Sabotage, Capture the Flag, Domination, and Demolition)
■Radar Always On: Challenge Option
■Max Health: Normal
■Health Regeneration: Normal
■Kill Cam: Enabled
■Headshots Only: Disabled
■Third Person View: Challenge Option
■Allow Perks: Challenge Option
■Killstreak Rewards: Challenge Option
■Number of Lives: Unlimited (Does not apply to Search and Destroy.)
■Join in Progress: Not Allowed

■Hardcore Mode: Challenge Option

◦The following settings are specific to each Game Mode, so please read them carefully before setting up the server.

■Team Deathmatch

■Points to Win: 5000
■Round Timer: 10 Minutes

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