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Clan restarted accept your invite

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Clan restarted accept your invite

Post  oI DJ Io on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:26 pm

Bad start. Dispute was still sitting there. I dont now why Brizzer who accepted a match for the next day did not try to get anyone to play it. I dont know why no one reported the loss if we were unable to show. Do not get a fucking dispute again. I am sick of disputes. Do what ever you can to not have a dispute. Mute the other team to aviod a fight. I dont care if they are shit talking or not fucking mute them all! Let 1 person do the talking.

Also if anyone in out clan drops out of a map we do forfiet. If you want to play with the other team and see if they will give us the map or let us replay it fine but then end we loose the map if disputed. I dont care what the rules say a few of us have been talking to refs and this is what they are saying. Do not get a dispute over this rule. After further research HEAD and I got banned from that one dispute we had left sitting there. If I remember correctly it was disputed over this topic.
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